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Google Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai : #1 Dubai Google PPC Agency : Pay Per Click Advertising Services Dubai UAE. Google PPC Management Agency.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai : #1 Dubai PPC Agency : Pay Per Click Advertising Services Dubai UAE. Pay Per Click PPC Management Agency Dubai UAE. PPC Campaign Management Dubai UAE. We’re an experienced Pay Per Click Company providing professional PPC services in Dubai to businesses of all shape and size.

Want to Take Your PPC Advertising at Next Level

PPC Advertising Agency Dubai is a certified Google partner, digital marketing agency with expertise in pay per click advertisements. We optimize your campaigns to generate revenue at the lowest possible cost and make sure you get the maximum out of your pay per click budget. Your campaigns are in safe hands.

Our team of experts work their fingers to the bone to meet the ROI (Return on Investment) expectations of our clients through structured and engaging search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. Let us now take a look what is PPC?

PPC basically stands for pay-per-click. In this model of digital marketing, an advertiser pays some amount each time their advertisement is clicked. PPC Advertising Agency Dubai is one of the best pay per click advertising company in town that provides you out of the box PPC management services.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click is the process in which an advertiser pays a fee to the search engine sites each time a user clicks on the ads that appear in the search engine results along with organic, non-paid search results.

All these ads slots are sold in an auction format. If you want to be at the number one slot, you need to set the maximum bid to secure the number one slot. By choosing specific search terms, you can outbid other marketers. Thus, your ad has a pretty good chance to be at number one rank as compared to the other sponsored or paid ads. It can be better explained through an example

Suppose you bid at $2 per click for the search term “electronic toothbrush” and your bidding amount is the highest, you would appear at the number one slot. If 50 people search for the same term and click on your PPC listing, then you would be paying a fee of $100 to the search engine.

One can differentiate between PPC ads and organic or natural search results on a page by looking out for words such as “Sponsored Ads” or “Sponsored Links”. If you fall under paid category, then you get easily noticed in the pool of links; whereas, non-sponsored links still struggle to attract user’s attention.

PPC Ads are not only beneficial to advertisers whose revenue is generated through it but also to the web users as it becomes easier for them to gather information which they are trying to seek from the internet.

We have talked much about what PPC listing actually is. Now let’s move on to the resources that are based on the PPC concept:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense
  • YouTube Ads
  • Bing Ads

Google is the most common search engine. It attracts great traffic if you choose Google advertising pay per click. If you have any queries, you put keywords pertaining to your interest and if they match with the PPC listing, you are shown at the topmost position thereby driving more traffic to your website.

Using PPC marketing through Google Ads is highly valuable because it gets loads of traffic due to its popularity. Therefore, there are huge chances of converting a good number of clicks into sales, which in turn helps in revenue generation.

However, there are a number of factors that determine the success of you campaign:

Factor #1. Right PPC Keywords: Keywords should be generated in a way that holds relevance to one’s search, selecting the right keywords and ad text, opting for tight keyword groups.

Factor #2. Relevant Landing Pages: Creating optimized landing pages with powerful and relevant text, customized to specific search keywords is necessary for a successful PPC campaign. When people click on your PPC campaign, it directs to a specific page on your website which is called landing page. This page should be designed in such a manner that it should have the capability of converting traffic into customers.

Factor #3. Ad Quality or Quality Score: This is the score given by Google for your advertisement based on the relevance and quality of the keywords, the content of your PPC Campaign and landing pages. A higher click-through rate will definitely give you a higher quality score. It helps you to improve your ranking.

Based on the Ad quality score, the search engines may increase or decrease the bid amount imperative to remain at a specific position. Advertisers are likely to get more ad clicks at lower rates with better quality score.

What are the Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising?

By now the concept of PPC advertising must be clear, but to get the complete picture we should know the benefits of opting for a PPC Campaign:

PPC Gives Fast Results

In this fast moving world, all businesses want to take the lead. To remain in the market one has to opt for smart marketing techniques. For this business owners think that they can get the fast results from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but this is not the case. PPC is the faster way to reach your audience while SEO is a long-term strategy.

You can be shown on the first page of the search engines as soon as you set up your campaign. Basically it gives you the opportunity to be on the first page of the search engines immediately for highly competitive keywords while the non-paid still struggling to find a good place on these search engines.

PPC Campaigns Attracts Instant Customers

In a very short span of time, PPC brings instant customers and generate your ROI. PPC Campaigns related to your product/ services or your business appear online instantly as soon as the campaign is launched. People who click on your ads are most likely the potential customers interested in your products and services and this may result in the sale of the product.


It is also cost-efficient in a way that you pay only that fees for which a click has been made. It gives you more control over your marketing options than any other digital marketing sources. You can strategize a maximum bid and budget on a daily or monthly basis. As soon as you reach your spend limit your ad will automatically stop showing and you will not be charged further.

PPC Campaigns are Measurable

Every keyword that triggers your ad, every click and click-through rate and cost per click for every keyword can be tracked and measurable. It allows your cost per click to be measured immediately against conversion sales to determine your ROI.

Good Tool for Remarketing

It becomes feasible to track your previous website visitors and retarget those who have not yet converted or those that you want to convert again for renewable or repeat business. Your retargeting campaigns will appear to them whenever they visit websites that are part of the Google network having millions of web pages.

Every time a potential customer visits your website can be tracked by us and we can display ads continually until they become paying customers for you. We also offer the service of follow up with every single visitor that comes to your website by displaying targeted ads in front of them.

Adds Recognition to the Brand

This is very helpful for branding purposes as whenever a visitor visits your website and leaves we follow them with the targeted ads everywhere they go online. It is useful for creating awareness of your brand/product which can benefit your organization in the near future.

Reach the Right Audience

As a reputed pay per click advertising firm, we along with our clients devise strategies as to when and where the ads will appear depending on numerous factors including keywords, location, website, device, time, date and much more. We also perform proper analysis to choose the right audience for your business based on various factors like user’s age group, interest, behaviour, designation, industry, etc.

PPC Advertising Agency Dubai is the well-established pay per click advertising company that gives you a wide range of services beneficial for your company’s growth:

  • Strategy: No business or marketing techniques can sustain without a well-structured strategy. Our planning includes brainstorming seed keywords & managed placements, creating campaign structure, establishing correct campaign settings, USPs and commercial objectives, client’s demographics and many more.
  • Optimization & Testing: Monitoring the campaign is a crucial part. It includes managing campaign performance, keyword performance, landing pages and ad copy testing.
  • Creation and Implementation: We help in creating and managing your PPC account according to the industry’s best practices.
  • Reporting: We analyze the performance of the campaign that helps in making further changes if required,

While the concept of PPC Campaign may appear quite simple but implementing a PPC Campaign requires highly technical skills. We have extensive experience in planning, running, and monitoring PPC campaign with a dedicated team to make your campaign a success. Our experts manage your spending budget to bring you the most affordable traffic possible.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai : #1 Dubai PPC Agency : Pay Per Click Advertising Services Dubai UAE. Pay Per Click PPC Management Agency Dubai UAE. PPC Campaign Management Dubai UAE. We’re an experienced Pay Per Click Company providing professional PPC services in Dubai to businesses of all shape and size.

Google pay per click (ppc) management : Google ppc management : We are Dubai based PPC management service provider company. We utilize latest tools and technologies for Google advertising to make your business receive a generous flow of clients via your website as per the click marketing on the search ads. PPC consultant service is offered to small, medium, large sized companies and agencies who wants to take care of the PPC service through outsource management service

What is PPC? How to take care of it? What are the advantages of using it? Do we need to hire an expert to run or in-house team is sufficient?

A lot goes in PPC. From building award-winning campaign, searching right keyword, organize keywords, setting landing page etc. There still exist lot more work!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is the process of managing a company’s PPC/Search engine marketing ad. This strategy minimizes the overall expenditure and can be performed by a vendor, e-merchant or a professional hired to manage PPC buys on the client’s behalf. PPC management is still considered to be an evolving art where perfect optimization is not possible but objectives are maintained.

Every day billions of people are taking help of search engine to search best possible answers to every question. PPC management pulls your business upward by ranking your website on top position so that new customers are pulled in to your site immediately.

Our PPC Process

Keyword Search

The cornerstone of successful PPC campaign in keyword. Choosing a most searched keyword for your PPC would allow your site to the required audience. The starting point of key word search should be related to website landing page. We make sure to harvest relevant keyword and sow it in the web page content. Keywords should be organized in the following terms;

  • Brand Terms: We make sure to include the Brand name and trademark term on the website or blog content.
  • Generic Terms: Terms related to e-commerce keywords or service is to be included.
  • Related Terms: Terms which are not directly related to the products you are selling but is somewhat related to the terms searched by the viewers.
  • Competitor Terms: Include brand names of competitors offering similar products.

Ad Creation

Create best pay per click ad. If you are wasting your time creating unwanted and undesired ad which makes no sense, then you are surely losing a great deal of revenue. To create a returnable pay per click ad;

  • Look out for the audience need that would divert them to click on the ad.
  • Highlight the keyword which are mostly sought.
  • Create proper landing pages which is related with the ad.
  • Make sure you are a part of a knit ad group.

While writing an ad understand the keyword taxonomy and write effective ad text to boost your PPC click.

Landing Page Formation

Creation of landing page denotes your action. We create landing pages which will be exactly what your visitors are seeking for? We will make sure they get the right information they have searched for. You must also limit the navigation to keep your visitors focused on the landing page.

We make sure to un-clutter your page and place value on white spaces. We also optimize the barrier for your landing pages and coherently put the elements and design for the landing pages properly.

Account Creation

We will help you to create an account in Google Adwords. If you are looking forward to bringing in new website visitors, incline your online sales, keep your customers inflow moderate then Google Adwords is the best. This allows you to advertise globally and locally as they google will profusely crawl your site if people are searching for the information which are present in your site.

Tracking And Testing

The next thing we do is analytics and tracking. We go through account manager to make use of analytics program in order to monitor site’s performance. We link the Google AdWords with Google Analytics to make sure that all the tracking is in its place and is working correctly. Making use of all available tracking tools allows to manage the account properly without any kind of hinderance.

Launch Campaign

Once we have created ad, we make sure to launch it. We make sure to create new campaign and manage it regularly so that they are continuous and effective in nature. We make sure to continuously analyse the performance by adding PPC keyword, negative keywords, split ad groups, review costly keywords and refine landing pages. With this we make sure to launch effective campaign.

Examine Performance

As PPC brings targeted and quality traffic to your website we make sure to examine the performance of the created ads and campaign on a frequent basis. We make sure to define your goal, we focus on high performing keywords, filter out low performing keyword, create a negative keyword list, optimize your keyword bids, create compelling PPC ads, put in ad extensions, make ad specific landing page and conduct A/B testing PPC elements.

Assess Campaign

We make sure to audit every launched campaign. As we are aware of the fact that PPC ads are the backbone of every search engine we make sure to assess the launched campaign on a frequent and regular basis. We make sure the launched campaigns are well-structured. A dis-organized campaign highly wrecks the chances of getting good inflow of traffics.

We make sure the campaigns are logical, clear and are set up in the best possible manner. We look at the campaign and ad group setting, keyword organization, ad copy, landing pages, Google AdWords account and many more.

WE aim in delivering best PPC service to its clients. We make sure to find out iconic methods and innovative campaigns which outstands your business and service in today’s competitive market. To avail the PPC service from Tokyo IT kindly contact us!

We Undertake The Following Procedures To Manage PPC of Your Business

  • Constantly review and track website to ensure flow of traffic via Google Adwards.
  • Target geographic location as per client’s requirement.
  • Determine and allocate budget for PPC management.
  • Identify relevant keywords and their approximate cost per click.
  • Assign an Ad specialist to look after your campaign.
  • Get hold of most searched keywords for your business.
  • Keep a close watch on competitors.
  • Create, Monitor and optimize your Ad.
  • Report and Communicate with your agency.
  • Take full charge of the paid ad campaign.
  • Offer reasonable and affordable plans suitable for every business.

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Google Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai : #1 Dubai Google PPC Agency : Pay Per Click Advertising Services Dubai UAE. Google PPC Management Agency.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai : #1 Dubai PPC Agency : Pay Per Click Advertising Services Dubai UAE. Pay Per Click PPC Management Agency Dubai UAE. PPC Campaign Management Dubai UAE. We’re an experienced Pay Per Click Company providing professional PPC services in Dubai to businesses of all shape and size.

Google Adwords Certified Pay Per Click Agency in Dubai UAE : Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We are a highly experienced PPC agency with a track record of developing successful paid search campaigns using a wide variety of platforms, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Social Media ad platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

#1 PPC Agency Dubai : AdWords certified paid search company in Dubai UAE. We offer unrivaled expertise in the use of text, display, video, Mobile, banner, and interactive ads, to support your business branding and lead generation.

PPC Agency : Immediate, measurable, and proven results using pay per click (PPC) you are will:

  • Attract web visitors and prospects looking for your products and services
  • Convert search engine users into leads and sales
  • Total control over ad spend and budgets
  • Gain visibility and transparency into ad spend and ROI, with a full deck of metrics and KPIs
  • Ad testing (A/B and multivariate), landing page an d funnel creation, goal setting and conversion tracking
  • Keyword and competitor research – see what is working for your competitors and beat them to the ROI

Display Ad Services

Banner Ads, Retargeting, Mobile and Video Advertising. Move beyond search engines and keywords, and establish a brand and lead generating presence across multiple display networks where your customers are spending their time online.

  • Take full advantage of display ad platforms, including Facebook and Google Display Network
  • Use multiple ad formats to optimize interaction and engagement with -prospects, including video, interactive, text, and image
  • Format and customize ads for automatic serving to desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone users
  • Precisely target your audience and demographic groups, including multiple language serving, geo-targeting, age, sex, and much more
  • Gain access to campaign data in real-time and use our expertise to keep your PPC campaigns on track

Google Adwords Certified Pay Per Click Agency in Dubai uses decades of experience combined with state-of-the-art tools and creative talent to create and execute successful paid search campaigns.

PPC Analysis Tool

Maximize Benefit – Minimize Risk : PPC is a precise route to market and customers, and when used properly, it is a very effective lead and ROI generator.

We ensure that target keywords, ads and ad copy, plus the landing pages you need for conversion, are all aligned to optimize for whichever PPC platform you are using. In addition, we work closely with our clients to ensure their paid search campaigns are closely aligned with their business goals and integrated with the rest of their marketing initiatives.

Knowing how to optimize your PPC campaigns means

  • You will spend less money on each ad, allowing you to either increase ad impressions and reach, or reduce the cost of online marketing
  • Increase exposure to your target market and be seen by more prospects generating more leads
  • Improve conversions which generates even more leads and sales and even more ROI
  • Generate actionable data and recommendations for allocating marketing spend using other techniques, for instance identifying keywords for SEO action, or uncovering previously untapped markets and customers, or expanding your business into new territories
  • Your business will compete effectively anywhere and against anyone

Is PPC Suitable for Your Business?

Paid search is a powerful online marketing strategy, however the development and management of a PPC campaign is fraught with technical and creative pitfalls.

You need have a trusted partner with the technical skills and understanding of each paid search platform, including the relationship between keywords and ad triggers, through to ad copy and bidding strategies, and ultimately onto your website’s landing pages and conversion issues.

At the same time, you need a PPC agency which understands that the ultimate goal is not technical perfection, but placing your brand and offers before customers in an engaging way which resonates with them, ultimately persuading them to do business with you.

PPC campaigns can be set up quickly, however successful campaigns take an appropriate amount of time to understand your business, your customers, and the competitive environment in with they will operate.

Once your campaign has been formulated, it needs to be constantly monitored and managed to optimize the results and ROI.

If you are looking to get to market quickly, are under short-term goal pressure, and want tight control over marketing spend with precise targeting and timing of your ads, then PPC may be right for you.

Google Adwords Certified Pay Per Click Agency in Dubai also actively encourages PPC clients to use paid search as part of an holistic marketing and lead generation strategy. PPC campaigns are typically triggered by keyword searches or thematic affinity, and the data this generates is of great assistance for SEO campaigns.

Paid search is also highly effective when it is combined with traditional forms of marketing, such as TV and radio ads, or integrated with Social Media campaigns.

Why Choose Google Adwords Certified Pay Per Click Agency in Dubai as Your PPC Agency?

Google Adwords Certified Pay Per Click Agency in Dubai is certified in Google AdWords, Video Ads, and Google Analytics.

We have formulated and executed hundreds of successful paid search campaigns using multiple platforms and multiple bidding strategies.

We have deep experience and understanding of how PPC platforms work, and which one is the most appropriate to reach your target audience and convert to meet your business objectives.

We have successfully managed paid search campaigns using multiple ad formats with monthly ad spends from $2k to $140k .

Google Adwords Certified Pay Per Click Agency in Dubai will deliver ROI for your marketing spend, and integrate paid search into your overall online and traditional marketing strategy.

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