Standard Website Package

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Standard Website Package

Our Standard Website Package is our most popular web design package and quite a few of our Small Business clients start with this price point. The advantage obviously is in the price. For only $4,500 you already have website that you can update. The bonus is that search engines will also prefer it over the basic website. Here are the inclusions of the Visible Website Package

Standard Website Package $4,500

10 Page Business Website Custom Design from $4500. Development of high-quality WordPress site for local business niches. Includes integration of features such as blogs, social media icons, and more! This package is perfect if your’e just starting out and need a solid platform to launch your business on. It’s easy to add pages as your business grows.

  • Template based Design concept
  • Up to 10 pages created including homepage
  • Approx. Page length equals to A4 Size
  • Up to 15 Stock images included from ( Additional Images cost USD 5 per image )
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee Optimized graphics
  • Integration with WordPress CMS
  • Can add more pages yourself & edit them.
  • Responsive Mobile Version (Optimized to work on smart phones & tablets)
  • Logo to be provided by client
  • Homepage Animation Slide Show
  • Contact Form – Customer Details sent to email
  • Uploading the website to your URL ( Domain )
  • Search engine friendly design
  • Link to Social networking Websites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc.
  • SEO Plugin Setup
  • CMS Training – so you can update your own website (1 hour)
  • Sitemap — we will include a sitemap for your website (as it is a standard for all websites)
  • Analytics — we will insert your google analytics code so that you can see your User data from day 1
  • Please note we will also create your Website Architecture — this is so important so that your Website becomes User-Friendly
  • Keyword Research — we will provide you with the keywords to target using your Content.  Keywords are the foundation of your Website.
  • Internal Link Structure — we will ensure that your internal links are substantial and that each and every page gets proper links
  • Technical SEO — we will integrate Advanced Technical SEO into your website — no other company does this for a “basic package”
  • Additional page at $20 per page
  • FREE technical Support for 3 Months
  • 2 Revisions

Payment Terms

  • Full Payment: $4500
  • Deposit (60%): $1500
  • Payment after 30 days (20%): $500
  • Balance after turnover (20%): $500

Inclusions of Visible Website Package

Aside from all the inclusions of a basic website package, we also provide essentials like the following…

  • XML Sitemap — the XML sitemap is actually a requirement of Google so that their search engine crawlers or bots are able to navigate your website seamlessly. The XML enables the bots to index the website pages fast. Essentially a sitemap is for Users and an XML sitemap is for Search Engines.
  • Training Manual — we provide this to help you with maintaining your website. Obviously you can also get this information online when you are doing research but this just puts all the pertinent information of how to update your website in one file.
  • Site Architecture — One of the things we realized earlier on was that a lot of folks don’t understand how to create their website navigation. The problem is when you don’t know how to do this, your website starts to look very amateurish and you risk looking like a fly-by-night Company. Your website will also lose traffic and will probably not gain alot of traction. Your site architecture determines your online visibility so this is such an important aspect of Web design. Once you have purchased your package, we will discuss the site architecture of your website.
  • Keyword Research — Keyword research is the sister of Site Architecture. You want to research what keywords Users are searching for to find your business services or product and you want to utilize that on your Site Architecture.
  • Premium Hosting — Most folks don’t understand the importance of hosting their website on a dedicate server vs. a shared server. There are so many nightmares in hosting environments but we take our years of experience you benefit from it because we will ensure that you are hosted on a premium server.
  • Server Side Analytics — Most folks use Google Analytics on their websites, we provide you an additional set of tools by giving you server side analytics that help determine your ranking and popularity online. We also send you a direct link so you dont have to search or sign in to view your analytics.
  • We run a site: search operator on your website so that we know how many pages Google has index and how many pages we need to redirect, we make sure we don’t lose any of your pages because thats like throwing away money
  • Online Competitive Research — essentially we ensure that you have better information on your website that your competitors
  • Site Speed — Search Engines penalize websites that aren’t fast so we make sure your website is fast
  • Meta Data — we integrate meta data on your major landing pages
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